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About Jeremy Buckingham

Jeremy Buckingham was elected as NSW’s first Legalise Cannabis Party Member at the 2023 NSW State Election. Despite a tiny budget and almost no advertising an incredible final result saw the grassroots Legalise Cannabis Party record 169,482 votes for a 3.67% share.

"Over two decades I’ve been a passionate advocate for community, the environment and common-sense laws that serve the needs of the people. As an experienced MP with a reputation for honesty, conviction and commitment, it’s an honour and a privilege to serve the people of NSW. In this term, I am committed to bringing about progressive drug law reform, legalising cannabis, fixing the broken RDT system and growing the hemp industry. I am also focused on ensuring that we protect civil liberties, our environment and enact policies that look after the disadvantaged in our society." - Jeremy Buckingham, MLC

Jeremy is already well-known for successfully fighting coal and gas across the state and fighting to protect the Darling/Baaka River. Legalising cannabis and supporting the hemp industry have also been long-term passions.

Mr Buckingham told The Echo that he’s always been passionate about cannabis and hemp. "I was an activist in the 1990s with an organization called the Hemp to Paper consortium in Tasmania that was associated with the Australian Democrats, looking at alternatives to native forest logging for paper pulp."

Jeremy Buckingham's First Speech at Legislative Council as Legalise Cannabis NSW MP