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Time to decriminalise all drugs

It's time to decriminalise all personal possession of drugs. Let's listen to the experts and enact a key recommendation of the NSW Special Inquiry Into Ice.

That's why I have written to the NSW Attorney-General, Michael Daley, and asked him to extend the cannabis cautioning scheme to personal quantities of all Schedule 1 drugs.

We want police to offer an health intervention - not a criminal record - for drugs including MDMA, cocaine, ketamine and others.

We're also calling for the amount of cannabis leaf covered by the existing cautioning scheme to double to 30g.

We also want the caveats on that scheme lifted so it doesn't catch indigenous people at up to 10 times the rate of the rest of the population.

This is a modest, achievable ask and based on expert health evidence.

We call on the NSW Government to turn its back on the war on drugs, which has long become a war on our children, our mates, our brothers and sisters.

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